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First Year Sweet As a Lemon

sweet as a lemon first year chalkboard

Last month I received a message from an old client of mine that she was interested in a first year chalkboard sign. Kristen is someone who I worked with years before, and always has been such a loyal client of mine. I actually met her in a Facebook group with a bunch of mothers, and […]

growing old with your best friend

I met Sally a couple months ago, and you can always tell a good person from a pleasant conversation over the phone. We met up with each other in a public place and she discussed, that her daughters would be in town for the holidays. She had her contract ready for her protection which is […]

best of both worlds – alexandria

You know its funny. I’m always looking at someone’s glasses. The style, how it’s shaped, how it sits on their nose (I know I’m weird), to if its clean or not. For some reason, I cannot keep my glasses clean for the love of god! Does anyone have any tips? I think my eye lashes […]

“Rolo” Candy Inspired

rolo banner

So last month a had a new client which wanted something very different than my usual orders. She wanted a banner just for a backdrop, she needed it to be brown and gold, and it had to resemble the “ROLO” bar candy, as her  son’s nickname is “Rolo”. She was so sweet enough to share […]

Happy Holidays from Son and Mother

Last weekend I drove down to take some pictures of my best friend and her son. Let’s just say “A great experience” I’m leaning now that you don’t always ask someone to pose. Maybe just if you capture your client in action, you can just get an awesome image. And that’s exactly what I captured […]