Sydney Australia

Can you tell I like to travel?

Well thanks to you guys and supporting my own business, I have had the privilege to travel all around the world. One of the places that were on my bucket list was definitely Sydney, Australia. And what better way to experience this beautiful trip with my best friend Charie.

african american model in australia

Introduction – Charie is someone I met  in 1999 when I first came to the states from The Netherlands. And years later, we are still the best of friends. Her parents have pretty much adopted me as their own child, being around for so long. I had the privilege of going to her hometown Mobile, Alabama, to experience the real Mardi Gra. And two year ago I could only repay her by taking her to Holland to meet my family as well. Love you girl!!!!!

So back to Australia…. The flight was ridiculous, spend I would say 15 hours flying, with a 6 hour layover in LA. The weather was nice, the food portions were humongous. And apparently, I got tricked in buying a $50 hamburger from the Hard Rock Cafe with my group. I stayed at the Metro Hotel, which I would recommend to everyone as it was nice and safe. At night you will need to bring you key to even open the doors from the outside of the hotel. That was the first time I ever experienced that.

I took the Hop-On Hop Off tour which I recommend in every single country as the bus always takes you to the highlighted locations. The only thing to remember if you are sitting on the top level, hold on to your hats.

One thing that I enjoy seeing is the the different architecture around the world. Look how amazing these building were. These were taking while on the hop-on hop-off bus.

With the hop-on hop-off bus. I would always recommend doing this early as you can hop off at any of their locations and enjoy the scenery and wait until the next bus comes around to hop back on. Get it!

This is one of the stops we took before I had to spend $50 on a hamburger. It was amazing though guys, but would I ever buy it again? What do you think?

Sydney Harbour Bridge

sydney opera house

Of course you can’t miss the Sydney Opera House – and guess what???? They were hosting a Disney on Ice that day which I missed. Pretty upsetting. All the cruises docked from here as well. Around the corner from here – don’t have the picture anymore – but I would try the apple pie ice cream in between glazed donuts. It was to die for.

Fun fact – I got all dressed up and headed out for fun and eventful night. All of a sudden I see everyone start to run and when I say everyone, I mean everyone from ever corner. So of course we are trying to figure out what’s going on. Finally after getting to our destination, the bouncer of the club stated “Which club left or right, because once you go in you can leave but you can’t come back in”. I asked him how come which he stated that all nightclubs shut down at 00:00 which keeps the crime rate down. No wonder why everyone was running. I thought it was a wonderful idea but if you are a late bloomer, you’re screwed.

Just wanted to share that

Last fun fact – Purchase your Opal card at the airport. It’s your metro card which will get you around very convenient. The card itself is $10. One cool thing that i noticed is that you can actually move the seats either to sit single, if you are in a group you can turn them around to face each other, or if you would like to face the back of the train you could do so as well. Very different and I certainly moved it a couple of times since we were in a group of four. And when I wanted to gossip with my girlfriend we moved it to the front.

Thank you so much and let me know what you experienced when you traveled Australia, or even if you are planning a trip there.