Spring Break with a 6 year old

cacti in mexico

Did I ever mention how cacti are literally my favorite plants ever!!

I took my daughter on her first cruise to Catalina, California and Ensenada, Mexico for a total of 4 days.

First stop was Catalina, California. It was still pretty chilling especially it being so windy. I was glad that i put a long sleeve on for Miah so that she could still semi enjoy the beach.

We also enjoyed some ice cream, then soon after we returned to the small water taxi’s that brought us back to the carnival cruise ship.

I highly suggest a couple of things by the way, while booking your cruise. When traveling with a child, try to book the open seating time that you can come anywhere from open to closing for dinner. Also try to use the camp for the children if you want some quality time to yourself. I would say a hour or 2 at a time, which I did was more than enough to get all of their excitement out.

Next stop was Ensenada, Mexico.

Here I did get a tour as I wasn’t so sure what to expect and since I was with a young child, I didn’t want to just wonder around to places I didn’t know. Right outside the loading dock, you could hear seal making, well their seal noises. And when you got a little closer, ohhhh you could smell how lovely they smelled (says no one ever).

The tour brought us to a marked where we had a hour to wonder round. First stop of course was McDonalds for the little one which seriously took 15 minutes. I almost missed the bus. However I had to try a local fish taco that was recommended by a pharmacist that was selling medicine on the side of the street (there was actually a store that you didn’t need prescription).

fish taco

OMG was this delicious and the hot sauce was spicier than ever.

I didn’t really purchase anything as, well I didn’t need anything or it was too big for me to carry in my small suitcase. There was a guy selling a handmade hammock that I wanted so bad, but it was literally bigger than my child. No bueno.

mexican hat

To make things even better as I laid down my hammock, Miah came around asking for me to get this hat. Really?!?! Let’s just say I was called a mean mom for .5 seconds.

I did run into a guy that was selling rice necklaces. I’m not sure if anyone remembers these, but I used to have one years ago when I was around the same age of Miah. I had asked my Oma from Holland to find one for her but she had no clue nor couldn’t find it anywhere. So I was happy to locate this guy and give him the $7 US to make one right on the spot. My mom was actually upset that I didn’t get her one.

After that a little lady was selling all kinds of random things, but Miah locate the puppets that she had never seen. So we welcomed Lola to the family.

She brought Lola to dinner, pool, shows, breakfast, 100th time ice cream run, and even better had to ask her to stop talking to strangers to show them her new puppet. As long as she likes it, I love it.

She might be my new partner in crime to travel with.