Love the Journeys is a family based stationary and party supply business, also bringing photography to you now.

Mother Owned Business

Hello! My name is Roxanne Calloway.

In 2011, I planned my own baby shower and enjoyed the experience so much that I started Love the Journeys in 2014. I have always found the joy in working with children’s birthday parties. I since then have incorporated: graduations, 21st birthday celebrations, 40th or 50th birthday parties, and anything else that is “party mode” affiliated. I have had the joys of working from baby showers, up until the child was 5 years old. I love seeing all of the happy faces when I meet one on one with my clients to give them their finished products, and that is by far why I keep going. I look forward to working with many other families and remaining a close relationship no matter where life should take you. That is why I chose the name Love the Journeys as no matter where life should take us, we can experience the joy wherever we go.

If you have any questions or would like to place a custom order, please feel free to email me at or use the contact form

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