6 Year Old Art Birthday Party Theme

art party cake

Miah had her 6th birthday party on Sunday and I wanted to make it more special than ever with an art birthday party theme. Typically every year we travel back home to The Netherlands, but this year with her starting Kindergarten, that wasn’t an option. I decided that this year, I would invite her old classmates from her school she attended last year. I hope it’s one she will remember

I designed her own art birthday party invitations turning the invites into a paint brush and adding drips of paint to the envelopes to complete the theme. I put stickers by the return address and also where you would put someone’s address, so you won’t have a problem with it being legible.

I chose to do a lot of DIY as well, it’s fun and I wanted the party to turn out exactly how I had planned it. With some clothes friends, family members, and old classmates, we enjoyed a beautiful day painting pottery.

miahs 6th art party

Yes we had a little one as well. Mommy Alisa completely took over though 🙂

One of my best friends (and boyfriend) came along as well.


After all the shenanigans, it was time to bring out the cake. I found Nora on Facebook and her cakes looked so beautiful. In less than a week she was able to create exactly what I asked. I believe it’s a group of them but Nora was the lady who designed the cake below for me.

blow out the candle

I still had one more surprise inside…..

rainbow art cake

Side note: Don’t forget a cake knife!!!!! I totally forgot mine and had to use a disposable knife which was an epic fail by the way. But either way the cake was delicious.

I turned the food labels into easels that you would find at a paint shop using Popsicle sticks. I added “creative juice” for the drinks. I turned watermelon into paint brushes and used actual sticks from an ice cream to make it look more realistic. For the desert section I added “Master Sweets” instead of masterpiece, I thought it was somewhat cute.

Oh yes and Miah created her own shirt using her hand print with regular paint – I created her tutu using tulle.

art party outfit

Outfit (shirt and tutu) : Love the Journeys
Cake: Cathy’s Cake Celebration
Pottery Location: Cafe Clay Studio
Cupcake Stand: Love the Journeys
Cupcakes: Giant
Easel: Love the Journeys
Oreos: Love the Journeys
Cupcake toppers: Love the Journeys