Giraffe and Elephant Birthday Party for Twins

I was asked by a good friend of mine to design a Giraffe and Elephant theme for his twins, Amani and Amina.

Because I was invited to party as well. I was able to make large enough items without having to worry about the shipping cost.

giraffe and elephant first birthday cake
First off, let’s all checkout how adorable this cake is

I kind of struggled with the color scheme for this theme because the colors were blue and green. Since its for girls, I didn’t want it to look too unisex or even too boyish so I had to think closely what colors to choose for this one.
Have you guys ever had an issue deciding which color scheme to use for a theme? I think I struggled with the colors due to the fact that I wasn’t sure how dark or light the cake was going to turn out.

I designed two different high chair banners and used different colors of pink, yellow, white, and blue to contrast and blend with the theme.

Right after I set up the party supplies, I continued over with my daughter Miah to explore the farm and also the open area with old memory games that I used to play as a little girl
Who remembers tetherball? – Me and my best friend played this for awhile struggling to jump up and down because, well, we are not ten years old anymore.

Brag Moment: First try at the baby hair
giraffe and elephant guestbook

I also designed a keepsake for them to add signatures as a guestbook. This was the first time I designed this for one of my clients and I certainly think it’s necessary to write down instructions how to successfully execute this look. This picture was supposed to look like the elephant and giraffe is holding a bunch of balloons. The balloons are made out of everyone’s thumbprint with a name signature next to it.
This is where the nightmare started. Someone drew extra line, Someone put a thumbprint way up without a signature or even a reason, and then my favorite one, someone put a pink print, right on the elephants body.

I also designed some centerpieces for the tables. – How cute is this giraffe?

elephant birthday centerpiece
pink giraffe birthday party centerpiece

Me and my best friend having a photo shoot

giraffe and elephant selfie frame

The last thing I designed was a selfie frame. I wasn’t sure if anyone was going to use but it was getting passed around from body to body.

Well that’s it guys! Until next time – Tot ziens